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February 10th Update

So things have been pretty good. I have gone 3 weeks and only ate fast food once. After I ate it, i felt awful physically. I got a headache, my stomach was very upset for hours and I was very lethargic. So only one trip to McDonald’s in 3 weeks is a huge step for me and I am not craving fast food at all. I did have a rough patch over the Super Bowl weekend, but was able to get back on track last Wednesday. I have discovered fitness and nutrition podcasts to listen to and I listen to a couple a week. I thought if I want to be spiritually healthy what do I do? I read the Bible, pray and listen to things that build me in my faith. i then applied that directly to health and fitness. To be healthy physically, I needed to surround myself with proper food, a proper frame of mind and listen to things that encourage me to keep pushing forward. They have helped tremendously so far and I am learning a lot of new things. Saturday I met with Craig at Fuel Fitness and he recommended I try a juice fast for 3-7 days to help with rebooting my system and cleaning me out. So I watched a documentary named “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and when it was over I bought a juicer and started a 7 day fast today. It will end next Sunday. Today was pretty good. I have tried some different stuff and most of it is good. I have had to catch myself from grabbing a chip or cookie that is out for everyone else, but I haven’t really struggled with cravings. Juicers say the first 3 days are the most difficult so hopefully by Wednesday I will be doing well if I do struggle. So for the first three weeks of this change I have done pretty well and I have lost 10 pounds. Overall i have lost 29 pounds from when I started last April. Hoping for a good week and a juice fast that helps reboot my health and eating habits.


The Start

So here I am starting a journey I have started several times and have yet to finish, to become healthy physically. I won’t bother with sharing a lifetime of struggles, instead I would like to lay out my goals and ideas I have in becoming healthy physically and spiritually. Dallas Willard the author of several books including “The Spirit of the Disciplines” made a statement that rand true to me. When asked about how to grow spiritually he stated, “do the next right thing you know you ought to do.” This is the next right thing for me to do. I believe working on this area will be a catalyst for other areas I desire to improve. This is a lifelong commitment, I want to be better, I want to live life to the fullest and do so requires major changes, changes I have thought about for years and was to afraid, to unwilling, to immature to embrace. My stubbornness led to an unhealthy lifestyle and now that must be changed.

This is a humbling step for me to take, to write this out, to allow people in, but I feel it is an important step in the accountability I will need to reach my goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have reached out to a handful of people and I am thankful for the help and support they have given me. What I have learned is I can have all the support around me, but I make the commitment. So this is where I stand.

Currently my situation is:
1. I weigh right around 320 pounds (that was extremely difficult to write)
2. I travel for work consistently throughout the month and struggle with fast food.
3. I do not exercise at all. (I walk a lot at work, but I don’t do really anything outside that.)
4. I have learned a lot over the last eight years on eating right and exercise, but I have not
implemented it consistently (I have been successful for no longer than 90-100 days in which I
lost 45 pounds in 2005, I lost 40 pounds again in 2010 and have gained it all back)
5. I am great at planning; I am awful at following through.

Here is where I would like to be:
1. Reach a target weight of 220 pounds.
2. When traveling make wise food choices focused around fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. (I have
met with a trainer that has lined me out on this, now I just need to follow through.)
3. Exercise, nothing crazy to start, but to START. (Again I have met with a trainer and he has set me
up on a routine, I just need to execute.)
4. Develop consistency through accountability and dedication.
5. Fulfill the plan and make adjustments as needed to optimize the plan for the best results.

This is where I am starting, I would love for you to follow along if you would like.

Here is the 6:00 minute interview with Dallas Willard I mentioned at the start…

“Popular wisdom says, ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.’ That is wrong instead it should be, ‘If at first you don’t succeed, find out what went wrong, fix it, then try again.’”
–Dallas Willard